Wake-up Call – A signpost to awaken you to yourself – E-mail magazine of Yoshikazu Namiki First Edition Vol.1 June 10, 2015


Wake-up Call – A signpost to awaken you to yourself –
E-mail magazine of Yoshikazu Namiki
First Edition Vol.1 June 10, 2015


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Hello, to all of you enjoying this e-mail magazine☆

Thank you very much for subscribing to my magazine, “Yoshikazu Namiki’s e-mail magazine – Wake-up Call – a signpost to awaken you to yourself –

In the title of this e-mail magazine, I use “Wake-up Call,” in the sense of the change necessary in your life, or an alarm of necessity. Obviously, the image of this phrase should not be taken so heavily.

I would like to provide you with a variety of information in this magazine. Please look forward to it.



“The thing happening on the Earth now”


In commemoration of this inaugural issue, I have one thing that I would like to inform you of, and that is about the thing happening on the Earth now.


Each one of us is allowed to live on this planet Earth, and you can hardly be indifferent about this topic.


Watching the news on TV every day, we learn about earthquakes and natural disasters. Such news is flooding around the world, and Japan is not an exception.


As I have talked in past workshops and also in my book, our mother planet Earth is in a major period of change. Some people call this the “Ascension (to the higher level).” I must tell you that indeed this is correct and we are in the middle of change.


For this reason, the Earth needs to rebalance herself. In the course of this process, what are called natural disasters often happen and their size is severer than before.


Well then, what made the Earth unbalanced? It is us, mankind.


Mother Earth let us enjoy various blessings of nature unconditionally. However, we haven’t been humble enough to have feelings of gratitude for its unconditional support. Instead we have repeated our exploitation, overhunting/overfishing and the destruction of nature as if such blessings were advantages provided to us. Our misconduct has interrupted her condition to the extent that the Earth can no longer maintain balance easily.


Having the time of this ascension, the Earth decided to stop unconditionally giving and start advancing with people who have become aware of the necessity for advancement and enhancement.


In other words, people who do not have the will to balance themselves well with the Earth in order to make progress will not be able to synchronize themselves with the “new Earth” or will lose their chance to exist on her.


However, the Earth is not cliquish. She (the Earth is a discarmate entity called Lady Gaia) is truly willing to allow as many people as possible to ascend with her.


Because of that, I would like to ask you to support her in becoming balanced so that she can complete a calm and soft landing to the greatest extent possible.


One thing we can do for her is to collaborate with “natural spirits.” Spirits and fairies are not visible but they have roles and do live in the natural world. This is not a fairy tale, but the truth. If you have proper eyes and ears, you will be able to see them and talk with them.


They collaborate with higher entities. They have something to do with so called natural disasters. In other words, they help the Earth achieve balance.


For example, if there is land which has much negative and heavy energy on it and therefore needs to be balanced, the land will be shaken or thunder will roar to release negative energies staying up in the sky. There are always spirits and fairies behind these natural phenomena.


So, although you cannot see them, call on them within your mind and personally ask for their support, so that the changes to the Earth will be calm and its landing will be softer if only slightly.


In particularly, call on them during natural disasters like typhoons. What is important at such times is that we have calm and peaceful minds as much as possible.


Spirits are very delicate and sensitive, so if we call on them while we are in panic mode, they will become infected and become panicked. Then, the disasters, which should be small, could possibly be more serious.


So, please trust that “everything will be all right if we collaborate with spirits in nature” and try to call on them calmly after taking a deep breath. At that time, please do not forget to have and express your feelings of gratitude, “Thank you!”


The year 2015 is the year of a big change for the world we live in. For the period of the next five to seven years, we will experience a big event so called “purgation.” For this reason, as I have already mentioned, it becomes more important than ever to collaborate with spirits in nature.


Balancing yourself supports the balancing of the Earth as both are linked in some place deep in your consciousness.


If your consciousness becomes lighter, the Earth will also become lighter, therefore, the changes will become smoother.


We see many conflicts and quarrels around the world. It is hard for people to keep their mental balance as traditional systems and frameworks collapse. In other words, there is draining of poison or pus, which could, on the other hand, be a trigger of various complexities in society.


Under such a situation, the thing that you can do is to “live your life as simply as possible.” The year 2015 is the year in which you need to start living “your true life.”   No matter how your life was in the past, you can actualize “the things that you have decided to happen.” This year is such a wonderful year of megatrends!


So, what you should do is to simplify everything. About the things you have and your human environment, don’t think too much. Just sort things out based on your feelings.


For example, it is completely appropriate to not see people with whom you get tired of, feel depressed or feel uncomfortable with. Instead, meet with people who make you cheerful, inspired and comfortable.


If you feel “I don’t need it… or It’s cumbersome to have it…,” throw these things away even if they are presents from someone. But don’t forget to express your thanks before letting these things go.


This means, there are the things which once were acceptable, but from now on they may no longer be acceptable. Furthermore, these items became no longer fitting with your vibes or rhythm.


From now, the “scheme of things” in society will change completely. So you do not need to think “I’d better not get away from this person” or “if I am not facing the person fully,” to worry about how people around you think about you, or hide your true feelings anymore.


Adversely, if you have lived a life just following the ideas of other people around you, although your true ideas are different, your future life will be more complex, including becoming sick. This is a sign telling you that “the way you live or the way you are is not your true figure, and the sign will be clearer than ever.


As I mentioned here, please choose whatever you can truly enjoy, “fun, exciting, pleasurable, refreshing, harmonious, understandable, attractive or comfortable” daringly. It is a particular sign for “What you are going to choose now is the right way for you.”


When all of you live while listening to the signs, you will match with your true form, and your life will be simple and smooth.


The more people live like this, the lighter and the calmer the change of the Earth will be. Please never forget that we are deeply connected with nature and the Earth.




☆♡☆ My favorite… ☆♡☆


In this part of my magazine, I would like to talk about my favorite things, my recommendations and things that I’m curious about.


This time, I would like to talk about “essential oil and aroma oil.”


I have liked fragrances since olden days, and I have burned aroma oils. However, I haven’t met an aroma oil which clicked in my mind, and lost my interest in these a long time ago. But, after a long time I have finally met one! One that has good quality and a reliable level of fragrance.


Briefly speaking, aroma oils are extracts from plants and are natural blessings which can be used for mental healing, physical healing, disorder healing, as well as simple relaxing.


Since nature has a close relationship with high-dimensional beings, archangels, it is possible to strengthen the link with them and ask for their support.


What I have encountered are aroma oils of doTERRA CPTG. I started to use them after my friend recommended them to me, and I was soon fascinated by them. Some oils have very high vibes and are gentle oils in various means that we can drink or use for medical purposes.


Among others, I always carry and use “pepper mint” and “lavender.”


The peppermint fragrance can suppress physical irritation and upset stomachs. If you apply it to your body during the summer time, you can have a slight feeling of cooling off from its cooling stimulation (laughter) (But please don’t apply essential oils directly unless they are doTerra CPTG appropriate for medical use) Oils can balance your mood and make you motivated.


Another effect of oils is a spiritual effect. They work on your ear chakra and enhance your clairaudience (a sense to hear spiritual advice). When this ability is enhanced, you can hear the advice of your guide and angels as voices. The archangel concerned is Raphael.


“Lavender” is effective when you want to relax or when you are having difficulty falling asleep.


For the spiritual aspect, it works on the third eye chakra and enhances your clairvoyance (a sense of claivoyance is to sense a spiritual figure or information visually). When this talent blossoms, you will be able to see guides, angels and aura.   The strongly connected archangel is Haniel.


Please try to find your favorite fragrance and use it in your daily life. You can burn the oils as an aroma, put a few drops in the bath, drop a few drops of oil on a tissue or put hot water in a cup and put a few drops of oil in the cup. These will surely make you feel better.


You don’t need to care much about specified efficiency, but simply those with which you feel good will bring you positive outcomes.


But please don’t forget that it is best to use quality oils as much as possible. There is a well-known shop “Seikatsu-no-ki (tree of life).” There, you can have any advice from the sales representatives before purchasing, so I particularly recommend that shop.


By utilizing fragrance in your daily life, your sense will become richer and your five senses will be well awakened. Once your senses are awakened and enhanced, you will start feeling those which have been around you but you have not been aware of until now. This will show you other aspects of your life, and your life will become fun and enjoyable. I really recommend this to you.


☆●☆●☆ At the end… ☆●☆●☆


At the end of the first edition of my e-mail magazine, I would like to talk a little about the content of the next version and subsequent ones.


First, I would like to have a corner for Q & A, so that I can answer to your questions in this e-mail magazine.


Not only questions about spiritual matters, but also any other types of questions are OK. For example, questions about topics such as the “spiritual meaning of incidents in the world” will be appreciated. I am looking forward to hearing your questions!


I may not answer all questions you have, however, please keep in mind that the answers you see in this e-mail magazine are “what you need now.”


I would also like to inform you of episodes I had when I traveled around not only Japan but also many other countries around the world to provide support for the Earth to balance at the mildest condition for it, as I told you at the beginning of this magazine.


In addition to these, I will also write about my miracle experiences together with a variety of spiritual episodes, and about my association with guides and angels on a daily basis.


Lastly, I would like to write about information regarding the workshop that I held on June 21, 2015 (SUN).


* This workshop is over.



∞∞∞∞∞ APEIROS (infinity) – School for Ascension- June 21 2015 (SUN) Workshop ∞∞∞∞∞


I have held many different types of workshops in the past, and since last year I was advised by ascended masters (beings who do not need to reincarnate as human beings since they have evolved and advanced so much) to hold workshops about ascension. From this time, I will hold workshops on ascension titled “APEIROS (infinity) – School for Ascension” by collaborating with these masters.


Particularly, a Tibetan master, Djwhal Khul, has been trying to contact me since last year and he is strongly encouraging me to hold this school. I am so excited that not only him but also many other masters are currently trying to let me inform you of ancient and cosmic wisdom simply and easily for your ascension.


For the first step, I would like to hold a workshop about “Magic” at this time.


When you hear the word “Magic” you may have images of fairytales. But this is a completely different story. In ancient times, or on the planets other than Earth, the thing so called “Magic” existed.


This is the reason why we see the existence of wizards and such, or similar things in various cultures.


The very famous story, “Harry Potter,” was, to be honest, written by an author who had a channeling with such times.


By the way, magic is the ability to cause a change in an instant, right? When you snap your fingers, something appears or disappears… In my workshop this time, as if it is magic, you will learn to change your situation, condition, feelings, emotions, concepts, beliefs, etc. (these are the matters that we use to create reality).


For example, in the world of magic, there is a technique called “Shape Shifting.” This is a technique so called “transfiguration” which is used to shift your shape into a cat, dog or bird.


In certain times in the past and at certain places, it was possible to actually transfigure a body. However, it is difficult to do so nowadays since the magnetic field and belief system (collective consciousness) are different from those of that time. So this time the participants will learn how to shift their energies.


One example is that a cat is a creature that has a very keen intuitive ability and is sensitive to spiritual energy. When we shape-shift our energy into a cat, we will be able to realize the cat’s character within ourselves.


Similarly, shape-shifting to a mountain will provide us with the spiritual strength not to be upset (Grounding), and then if we shape-shift to an eagle, we will be able to realize the eagle’s characters, “the way of thinking by looking high in the sky or deep insight.”


The vibrations, such as personality, mythophobia or habits that we cannot stop or change, are inscribed in our DNA, however, our consciousness can be changed simply and easily by changing it to fresh thoughts or mind-sets that you wish to have or by combining with your DNA.


By introducing these “Magic” exercises in a various ways, you can make your own life happy and as enjoyable as you like. This “Magic” utilizes energies of higher frequencies, and your spiritual growth will be accelerated.


I wish you can join this workshop as if you do go to the “School of Witchcraft and Wizardry” to be a wizard.


* This workshop is over.



☆●☆●☆ Information ☆●☆●☆


  1. My comments in an interview in the “VOGUE JAPAN” August edition in the feature article.

You can see my comments in VOGUE, an established fashion magazine, in the feature article titled “Aura and Jewels” by Yoshikazu Namiki. Please take a look at it. Date of release of August edition is June 28, 2015



  1. “Wake up! Your alarm clock is ringing” Kindle version released.

My book “Wake up! Your alarm clock is ringing” released by Fuun-sha at the end of February will be released as an e-book. The timing of its release will be at the end of July. If you use Kindle and have not seen this book, please take a look at it.



  1. Kansai tour in October

I will visit the Kansai area to hold a workshop and spiritual counseling meeting at the beginning of October, 2015. Detailed schedule is not yet finalized, however this tour is for people who do not have the opportunity to visit my office in Tokyo.


  1. October 11, 2015 (SUN) Workshop and panel discussion for children by Yoshikazu

I will hold a workshop for future lightwalkers. The target participants for this workshop are elementary school students. However, people who will be mothers and fathers in the future, fathers, mothers and babies who are not yet walking, older brothers and sisters, education-related people and all other people who are interested in this workshop can participate. I am also planning a discussion having people of good senses and myself as panelists. Please lookforward to it!!


  1. Spiritual Hawaii Tour with Yoshikazu

I will organize the Spiritual Hawaii Tour to Oahu Island in the middle of October, 2015. This tour will be a 6-day 4-night tour. I am a generally-accepted expert of Hawaii. Let’s look around the power spots of Hawaii, enjoy a good atmosphere there and join Yoshikazu’s workshop. For more information, please come and visit my website.



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