Transforming – From pupa to butterfly


Chapter 3. Process to Ascension

Transforming – From pupa to butterfly


The Earth is in the middle of the process of transforming from a pupa to a butterfly.

This is not a figurative expression. The universe is in the course of ascension, and our bodies and the planet Earth are also in the middle of the process to achieve ascension simultaneously, just as a pupa transforms into a butterfly.

Currently, the high frequency energies are showering down onto the Earth about once every several months. When seen from space, we can tell that the volume of light on the Earth is increased tremendously. The lights glitter as it increases the frequency. Each planet has their aura, and the Earth glitters truly beautifully as its aura also glitters. So, extraterrestrial biological entities are paying attention as they believe some big things are happening on Earth. They fly to the Earth in an unbelievably large number of spacecrafts and watch what is happening next with intense interests.

An official contact with them, an open contact, will start within the next couple of decades. What I was told, the time should be around 2038. Spacemen are now carefully checking the right time for that. The authoritative evidence of the existence of UFOs and extraterrestrial biological entities may be opened to the public sometime in 2017. It is the current status that the Earth is changing to be a planet like that.

While the volume of lights on the Earth is increasing, disputes and conflicts, as well as people’s problems never end. They even expand. There are a host of issues to be addressed, including nuclear power plants, possession of nuclear weapons, territorial disputes and natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes. This is like the state just before exuviation. It is the pangs of the birth of a new world, or the process of detoxification. Unless the Earth becomes clear, a complete transformation will not come true. A storm comes in a burst and damages everything before it leaves. And after the storm, we will enjoy glorious and bell-clear skies. The time that we live in now can be likened to this.

What is important is not to react nervously for each event that is happening now. We should focus on the new and wonderful world which spreads beyond the storm. If you focus too much on the things happening in front of you, you may become entangled.

If you feel strong fear or anxiety or talk about these things unnecessarily, you may strengthen the power to exacerbate the happening. Feeling fear and anxiety could add power to the thing causing you fear and anxiety. Your vibration of fear and anxiety can strengthen the power of such a thing. Get rid of the vibration and regain the power that you had once given to the thing. It is more important than any other things. If you regain the power, the power will support you to expunge the energies causing any mounting problems. The problems will not be resolved, even if you have exhaustive discussions. The important point is that you do not give energy to the problems. It is because such problems are no more than the shadows of vibrations that we have created under our collective consciousness (the consciousness that we all share in the deep level).

To surely regain your power, you should start from here and take oaths.

“There is no more time for me to do these kinds of things” “I have done it enough times and learned more than enough lessons.” “It’s high time for me to wake up!”

If I were to add any more words, I would say that in order to wake all of us up, our consciousness needs to create various problems while oscillating together. By integrating the vibrations which caused the problems, we will better visualize the problems that we are facing.