A big wave in the stage of transition


Chapter 3. Process to Ascension

A big wave in the stage of transition


Now, the Earth is in a period called ascension.

Ascension is interpreted as ”ascension of level.” Its characteristic is simply “integration.” This is a process to harmonize the conditions which have been dissociated and thus unsynchronized, and to return to the origin (God or root creator of our being) again. The movement just before the ascension is called “descension.” Its characteristic was “dissociation.” Leaving from the origin , we took off freely in all directions and enjoyed the experience of dissociation. We spread innumerably from the united “One” and returned to the origin after each of us matured through our various experience. The origin can be more powerful knowing “the experience that each of us has had” when each returns after maturing.

As I have earlier mentioned, there were no visible changes on December 21, 2012 when some people alerted us to the “ascension to come.” However, the meaning of that day was the start of the authentic wave of ascension.

Integration and dissociation – These two are the concepts that are completely conflicting. The direction of the wave changed dramatically on that day. In other words, the wave in the universe has caused big shifting from dissociation to integration.

We have been in a long slumber until now, and many souls have agreed to wake up after a long long slumber and return to the cosmic consciousness. As a result, a wave called ascension has started. The universe is originally linked in whole; therefore, the ascension of the level of the Earth means the ascension of the entire universe. The entire universe is now moving toward integration concurrently by enhancing its wave motion. As the level of the Earth is enhanced, the entire universe also shifts higher accordingly. It is not just the phenomenon of the Earth; an incredibly big change has been occurring on the cosmic scale. The ascension is, so to speak, a gala on the cosmic scale. The ascension is a part of the cycle to return to its origin. Therefore, from a wide perspective, everybody will ascend sooner or later. Jacta alea est, the die is cast.

During the cycle of descension before ascension, the level was lowered. The descension is the condition of being away from the origin and disengaged from it. Each of us enjoyed various experiences at our own positions.

This characteristic is “dissociation.” For thousands of years, people’s souls had felt and experienced powerlessness and loneliness. In other words, we tried to amuse ourselves from the cosmic point of view. However, the pendulum called the “dissociation” extended its oscillation to the limit and reached the point at which the pendulum could not move forward anymore. Experiencing all dissociation, nothing is left. As a result, people’s souls started to long for the end of dissociation, saying, “No more dissociation. We have had enough with it,” and decided to head for a return to an integration, to the cosmic consciousness.

The ascension is one of the natural cycles of the universe. The universe is always repeating the descension to descend and the ascension to ascend alternatively. It goes through a course of descension -> ascension -> descension -> ascension repeatedly. The ascension happens because there is descension. They are one on one, or the rings of a chain. Both ascension and descension are the natural cycle in the universe and they are not something special.

Its cycle is approximately 26,000 years. The total length of each cycle is approximately 26,000 years in which 13,000 years are the descension period and another 13,000 years are the ascension period. In fact, a cycle consisting of ascension and descension is a part of natural cosmic cycles, and is a cycle for evolution. This cycle is not something determined by human beings, but was created by the God or the root creator of our being.

As we have just made a fresh start of the 13,000-year cycle now, we are heading towards the “integration” from the “dissociation.” Heading towards the integration means that people will remember that the souls of all of us have been linked. Murder, pillage, exploitation, and entrapping others are the examples of products of the dissociation period. The history of dissociation is facing its end. The way of our living will change in that no one will do violence any more.

People will remember that we have all the power we need. If we come to remember that, it is not necessary to ask for someone’s help. We do not need any leaders to take the reins. Everybody will be able to catch out the deceptiveness of so called power, because we will be awakening to our own innate abilities. You might be feeling this already. People in power will have a hard time maneuvering in society. Remember, the energies to awaken us to the truth are being filled up just like a full tide. Under such situation, people’s souls will experience true awakening.




From “Wake up! Your alarm clock is ringing” was released by Fuun-sha.